Where it all began…

So this is me, Terri, and one third of Quirk it.  It was my spur of the moment wedding and love of all things vintage that inspired the birth of this business. 


My boyfriend at the time, Kelvin, who is an Officer in the Royal Navy had been away for a 7 month deployment and on his return we had planned a Christmas skiing trip with some friends.  Towards the end of the holiday and about 2 hours (and a few too many jagerbombs) into the New Year things escalated and I found myself proposing (yes me, and it wasn’t even a leap year!) and telephoning everyone at home to invite them to a wedding in 2 days’ time…in Bulgaria!!!  Luckily we had made a few friends at the resort who the following day drove us around florists, churches and bridal shops, all of which were actually closed due to it being a bank holiday and had to open especially for us (I think mainly due to the fact that our new foreign friends appeared to resemble some sort of Bulgarian Mafia).  Either way they were all very helpful and on the 2nd January, my parents arrived with the family heirlooms to complete our very brief wedding checklist.  The day arrived and we were to be married in a beautiful church, however, it turns out it was to be a Greek Orthodox service whereby the only words we understood during the hour long mantra was ‘Terri’ and ‘Kelvin’.  We lit candles and the Priest sang some more and we were then whisked off by our new ‘friends’ to a posh restaurant where we smashed glasses and participated in some other strange local traditions.  Entertainment had been put on (not sure who by) and we celebrated into the early hours of the morning until my mother slipped and broke her wrist (I’d like to say in the snow but she actually fell out of a taxi!) and we realised that we were due to fly home the following day!!! 

One of the best days of my life followed by one of the worst which involved two flights home on a hangover and the realisation that the madness of the past 2 days was wasted as somebody pointed out that the marriage was not legal!!!

My options: -

  1. A registry office quickie on return to seal the deal and maybe a nice meal somewhere to satisfy the disgruntled family members who had not attended what has now become known as our ‘Bulgarian Blessing’;

  2. Plan another small wedding in our local Chapel followed by afternoon tea or something relaxed and then a small party  for close family and friends;

  3. Go for the local Chapel service, hire a disused warehouse, decorate the entire place, invite 120 guests (plus an extra 100 for the evening), collect 120 vintage cups and saucers, cake stands and all other vintage props, make 200m of bunting and…… Set a date for three months’ time.

Of course I went for option number 3!  What was I thinking?  It was absolutely insane for the next three months but we pulled it off.  I had the vintage style wedding of my dreams – the venue was unrecognisable by the time we’d wallpapered (yes, wallpapered!) and hung vintage mirrors, fairy lights and handmade tissue pompoms……the Bulgarian blessing was almost forgotten!  We were legally married (albeit with a repetitive strain injury to my thumb following relentless evenings of punching tiny hearts from vintage books to use as confetti) and lived happily with 24 vintage dinner services for approximately 2 years when he said it…”it’s me or the vintage crap you are hoarding in EVERY room of our house” (and it’s quite a big house!).  So the decision was made for me – I would set up a business renting it out to fellow lovers of vintage “crap” to complete the styling of their dream day.  This over time has developed to a more bespoke service that we offer known as Quirk It. 

From one very quirky wedding in Bulgaria to a DIY vintage wedding that people are still complimenting us on to this day I am most grateful to have found myself on this path in my life….basically, Mr Watters, thank you for agreeing to be my Husband and Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary my stupid sailor boy….love you.

The Big Welsh Wedding Show


The Depot, Cardiff

18th March 2018

We're so excited to announce that Quirk it will be showcasing at The Big Welsh Wedding Show hosted by The Depot in Cardiff. We have been working on some new and exciting hire items that will make their debut on Sunday so keep your eyes peeled for them! This wedding fayre genuinely has a refreshing an innovative vibe, which is why we're so damn keen to be a part of it. If you can't make it, have no fear as we'll be reporting back here on all our favourite bits from the day. 

Please feel free to come along and have a chat with us about any of your wedding styling questions or queries. There may be a free donut in it for you ;)

Cwtches Mawr (big hugs)

Terri, Billie & Amy